Just Who Are We?

THAT Burger Spot! was founded in early 2017, opening its first location in Riverdale, GA. The idea was simple: give the community a cool, laid back, friendly place where they can grab great quality burgers, fries, and drinks for a moderate price.  Not only do we want our customers to enjoy a delicious meal or snack, but to also experience a venue that is inviting and centered on a theme that has a tendency to unite people of all shapes and!  When customers enter That Burger Spot they are met immediately with the hypnotic rhythms of both old and new school Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B.  The objective: take these two feel good activities (dining and music) and merge them to create a uniquely cultured and memorable dining experience.  

Our motto: 

Eat. Drink. Be Happy.

THAT’s what we do!